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Special motor oils for the new VW standards VW 508 00 and VW 509 00

With the further development of the VW engines, the VW standards have also changed. The latest VW engines now require the VW 508 00 standard for petrol engines and the VW 509 00/strong standard for diesel engines. These are newly developed low-consumption VW engines of the Euro 6 emissions standard, which therefore also require a new engine oil.

The new engine oils require a low-running viscosity class of SAE 0W-20. This results in low friction, which means that the oil heats up less and leads to lower fuel consumption. Due to the extremely low viscosity, CO2 emissions can also be reduced.

Which requirements are placed on engine oils by the VW standards 508 00 and 509 00?

The advantages of the new 0W-20 engine oil are:

  • Longlife IV Character
  • Less wear
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Excellent flow properties in the low temperature range
  • Improved cleaning power
  • Excellent viscosity in all driving conditions
  • longer shelf life
  • Delays harmful deposits

VW has launched its own engine oil, the LongLife IV. Please do not confuse it with the Longlife-04. The latter is only valid for BMW vehicles. The VW LongLife IV FE has a new original part number, because VW changed the engine oil supplier to Shell. The new OE numbers are: G S60 577 M2 and G S60 577 M4, depending on container size. In addition, the change of supplier has also changed the design somewhat.

The engine oil, which complies with the new VW standards, is only intended for the new VW engines. The LongLife IV extends the oil change intervals to up to 30,000 km or 2 years, depending on what the on-board computer indicates. For better differentiation, the original VW LongLife IV engine oil is dyed green.

5l + 1l canister of original VW LongLife IV FE engine oil 0W-20 GS60577M2 + GS60577M4

What should be considered with the new LongLife IV engine oils or where can they be purchased?

Please note: The engine oils for the VW standards VW 508 00 and VW 509 00 are NOT backwards compatible with older vehicle engines! Please check before purchasing which viscosity classes and specifications for the engine oil are prescribed for your vehicle.

The new VW 0W-20 engine oils for the VW approvals VW 508 00 and VW 509 00 are already available in two container sizes: in 5l canisters and 1l bottles. We have additionally compiled these for you in various quantities and in combination with the required filters as ready-made sets. In addition we offer you the VW engine oil at a very good price. For further questions about the new VW standards please contact our customer service.