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BMW Service - Procedure and costs at a glance

Picture shows in an opened engine compartment a BMW 6 cylinder engine, which is ready for BMW service

Your BMW should run as long as possible without problems. To do this, you should above all comply with the prescribed BMW service. But how do you know the service intervals and what costs to expect?

During a BMW service, various maintenance and inspection work is carried out. Regular work includes changing the engine oil, oil filters, spark plugs, coolant and brake fluid. Tire pressure checks and inspections of the lighting system are also part of the service work. BMW has different service intervals depending on the vehicle model.

On older models, BMW distinguishes between Inspection I and Inspection II in addition to the oil service. The latter two always alternate. The oil service is included in Inspection I, but can also take place earlier if necessary. Inspection I additionally consists of inspection and replacement of common parts. In inspection II, all maintenance from the first inspection is repeated and in addition a larger and more in-depth check of important components is carried out, which are replaced if necessary. The service interval for older models is around 20,000 km - 25,000 km. Wear parts are not covered by the basic inspection and must be paid for separately.

For new models, there is the 'demand-based service'. Thanks to BMW Condition Based Service (CBS), there is no fixed interval. The multimedia system makes BMW inspections much more flexible. It regularly evaluates the vehicle data and condition values and uses them to calculate the next service appointment. In addition to the distance driven and the condition of the road surface, the calculation also takes into account the evaluation of the sensors inside the vehicle and the driving style. Irrespective of this, BMW today gives the guideline value of at least one inspection every 2 years or every 30,000 km. In summary, it can be said that thanks to 'Condition Based Service', servicing is now much less complicated and more direct. As a result, faults can be detected and rectified in good time.

What are the costs for a BMW service?

It is recommended to have the BMW service carried out in a BMW workshop. This can cost different amounts. Depending on the vehicle model and the scope of the inspection, prices vary. The region can also play a role. While it is usually cheaper in rural areas, the costs are higher in large cities. A simple inspection usually starts at 200€ in the BMW authorized workshop. The second inspection is generally associated with higher costs. Depending on the model and condition, it can cost over €500. If you do it yourself, you can save costs, but you increase the risk of mechanical faults. These can lead to new costs or, in the worst case, to physical damage. We therefore recommend having the inspection carried out at an independent or authorized workshop. To save costs here, it is worth asking the workshop whether it is possible to obtain the necessary parts yourself.

Our experts at myParto have already put together the right BMW inspection packages for your BMW, which are generally cheaper than buying the individual parts. This also makes the search easier and the entire BMW service cheaper. If you already have experience with the inspection of your vehicle and do it yourself, you should follow the official BMW maintenance schedule in the service booklet.

Model Maintenance interval Costs
BMW 1er F20 125d 25.000 / 30.000 km (CBS) Small BMW Service: ca. 235€
Great BMW Service: ca. 440€
BMW 3er E46 25.000 km BMW Inspection 1: ca. 300€
BMW Inspection 2: ca. 500€ - 850€
BMW 3er E91 320d 25.000 / 30.000 km (CBS) ca. 250€ - 550€
BMW 5er F10 25.000 / 30.000 km (CBS) Small BMW Service: ca. 235€
Great BMW Service: ca. 600€

What is being done?

BMW Inspection I includes:
  • Checking the electronics such as lighting system, air conditioning but also safety systems
  • Checking fluids such as brake fluid, windshield washer system, coolant and steering oil, as well as BMW motoroil with oil filter and for diesel AdBlue
  • Checking the bodywork and underbody for damage and corrosion
  • Resetting the service light
  • Checking the brake system (brake pads, brake discs, Brake lines)
  • Checking the steering system for damage and wear, for example
  • Tire check -> condition, air pressure, running pattern
  • In addition, check the clutch and chassis components such as Shock absorbers

BMW Inspection II includes:
  • Inspection I
  • Renew the spark plugs
  • Change from air filter and fuel filter
  • Chassis check of the entire suspension
  • More detailed review of the brake system
  • Checking the V-belt

What is the BMW Service Inclusive?

BMW inspection package consisting of filters and engine oil

To prevent maintenance costs arising later, BMW offers so-called "Service Inclusive Packages", which can be optionally booked at extra cost when purchasing a new or used car. This is a fixed amount that is due at the start. This means you are not left with expenses for spare parts, but are fully covered up to a certain time or mileage. The BMW Service Inclusive packages include the cost of labor as well as the cost of the spare parts required for this service. All regular maintenance work, such as oil changes and air filter replacement, is covered. The special 'BMW Service Inclusive Plus' package, which is only available for new cars, also covers the cost of changing brake pads or the clutch, depending on requirements.

In addition to new cars, service packages can also be purchased for used cars. The used cars must not be older than 6 years and have a maximum mileage of 120,000 km. If these requirements are exceeded, but the used car was maintained via a service package, an extension to a maximum of 10 years or a mileage of up to 200,000 km is possible. Currently, the cheapest package costs about 400€ once. The term is 3 years or a mileage of 40,000 km. The most expensive package costs about 1,200€ and has a runtime of 5 years on 100,000 km.

BMW inspection packages and other sets at myparto

At myparto you will find individually assembled BMW inspection packages, which include the appropriate parts for a wide range of BMW models. There are 100% BMW Genuine Parts for your model selected and combined in optimal proportion to the other parts. These offer the highest quality for BMW vehicles and are available from us at a good price.

Because in addition to the BMW inspection packages tailored to the model, you can also find sets in our store, among other things, for changing brake discs and wipers and selected clutch kits. It is particularly important to us that only original BMW vehicle parts are combined and offered. These are therefore the highest quality spare parts, which are installed in your BMW. This guarantees the longevity of your vehicle. If you have any questions about the appropriate BMW inspection packages and other BMW spare parts, please feel free to contact our customer service.

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